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The Son Shine

In 1994 & 1995 I was compelled to get involved in a Christian newsletter/newspaper type publication. It was named "The Son Shine" The purpose of this endeavor was to give people without or losing hope, encouragement and hope with God's word. Enlisting the collaboration of my then good friend Buddy Nelson, they were produced. About 10 years later Buddy Nelson was murdered and robbed. So I wanted to post these on my site to remember him. He was a glowing positive influence, full of spirit and life. The Son Shine started very simple in volume one and grew to a more mature format by volume 8. In the beginning I had little software to produce it. The first 4 volumes included here were scanned and the scanner was limited to a standard sheet, not a legal sheet like The Son Shine was produced on so they are not as smooth a flow from page to page. Unfortunately the originals were on tape back up and I could not retrieve them. Volumes 5 thought 8 were produced from the original files and are better quality. Yes I am aware that volume 4's heading is "The Sun Shine". If you find hope and encouragement in these works consider passing them on to a friend who is in need of some. You will need to download Adobe Acrobat reader (it is free) to read/open The Son Shine.

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Photo "The Son Shine" Copyright © Paolo Campisi, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Paolo Campisi, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved.