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A Part Of You *
Give Your Heart Away *
Easter Cantata
In The Light *
In Their Eyes
Independence Day *
Look Up *
Nothing For Everything
Poem For A Day *
Silence In Exchange *
Someone Special
To Know My Peace *
Truth, The Way, The Life
Where I Am, Where Am I
The Son Shine, Publication *
Conversations With God *



These poems were written during the most spiritual moments of my life, starting in 1986. To Know My Peace is my favorite. This poem along with Tears, Look Up and Poem For A Day are not necessarily Christian. The others are Christian and should be noted to the reader if Christian subjects are upsetting. They are written in a wide scope of emotional settings and are some of my best works. They were once part of a news letter I published called "The Son Shine". Its purpose was to give encouragement and hope to those who were going through difficult times, desertion, abuse, death, suicide, loneliness, prison, or recovery from substance abuse. This publication is now included follow the link:

The Son Shine Publication.

Photo Water Lilies
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