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Quarter To Three
Photo "Quarter To Three" Copyright © Paolo Campisi, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved

Quarter To Three
For Ulysses & Elyse

Saturday as we often do,
It’s the middle sister’s birthday,
Valentine's Day, too.
Out on the town
Little Daddy and me,
If you could only remember
Quarter to three.

Long stem roses in your hand
To visit Mama with me.
As you would guess,
the roses were three.

Handmade truffles in hearts,
chocolatized pretzels,
hot chocolate at two.
Big Daddy and little Daddy,
as you would guess,
the chocolate covered pretzels
were two.

Big Daddy sang songs
About you, about me,
Cruising the city,
playing the town,
singing happy birthday sister Elyse,
Then to you, Ulysses,
happy birthday to me.

Learning and laughing
exploring the day.
Finding the man in you
in the child that’s in me.
If some day you remember
It was quarter to three.

In the rear view mirror
in the setting sun,
little eyes slowly sleepy,
Asleep as we make home.
Your head rest upon my shoulder,
carried up the stairs;
peace, trust, tranquility.

I wonder if you will remember
my kiss upon your face?
Without a care,
In the free.
I can’t help to wonder,
You remembering me.

As I remember you,
it’s now quarter to four,
but you're "quarter to three".
I write this for you
to remember,

Paolo Li Campisi

Copyright © Paolo Campisi, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved.