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Photo Of What We Never New
Photo "Of What We Never Knew" Copyright © Li Zi Shi, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved

 Of What We Never Knew

For Toti Davis

At the port of passion,
on the ship of fantasy,
in the height of excitation ,
we chose to ride the waves of ecstasy.
It was our maiden voyage, a journey of non-conformity.
Though we've never sailed this ship together
our hands new whatever it took to please her.
The orgasmic ocean would surely seize her
washing all of our cares away.
And the fear of what we never knew became
the thrill of what might be.
Drifting in an open sea of emotion and vulnerability.
The sea led to an ocean,
the ocean of our lives,
down our naked bodies ran the salt of ocean air,
the deck was slick and wet,
the mast was wet and bare.
Though we've never shared this ship together
our hands knew whatever it took to find release there.
The orgasmic motion of our bodies running together would seize us,
freeing us from all our cares.
And the pleasure of what we never knew,
became the reality of where we longed to be.
Though we never before looked deep into each other's eyes,
this voyage was meant to be.

P. J. Campise

Copyright © Paolo Campisi, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved.