Sunrise text English and Chinese

Louis Gesensway

In Memory Of Louis Gesensway
A Philadelphia composer, a Hebrew, my music teacher & friend.

Jesting lightly over agonies that have passed.
Our joking way eludes the pain that we might find
within the sorrow we hold for the loss of a friend.
Contentment was the word he used, this jesting friend,
that we did lose. Of course there was that face, his
gleaming smile did tears erase. Jesting lightly was his fame,
from all things heavy did he refrain.
Not just now and then but all the while, he'd steal
your sorrows with a smile. So from not jesting I'll
refrain, it was his way, it's mine the same.

P. J. Campise

Copyright © Paolo Campisi, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved.