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I Naked I
Photo "I Naked I" Copyright © Paolo Campisi, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved

I Naked I

A life that can’t be seen by the naked eye,
I naked I.
Look into my eyes,
See through my eyes,
The eyes of love.
Open your eyes bare naked,
Open your eyes so you can see
The life that can’t be seen;
Understanding beyond limits of inability to perceive,
I naked I.
And you become naked,
As you really are,
Knowledge to own your dreams
Night and day;
Where answers become evident
And change becomes essential.
You naked you.
Yes, the you naked you of I naked I,
Eye to eye
In the dream,
Nowhere to run.
We are one,
We naked we
Of you naked you
I naked eye.
We stand
Eternal without end.
Throughout all generations
Naked we stand,
Inside father,
Inside mother,
Seed of I Am,
Seed of the seed,
Seed of a man
Grown inside a woman;
Woman and man
Yes, naked, yes.
We naked you,
You naked I,
I naked eye,
Eye naked Eye.
Look into the eyes;
Open your eyes
Before you lie,
A life of peace
Throughout all eternity.
Be at peace with yourself
In all that you do,
And think
And feel
And say
The life that can’t be seen by the naked eye,
Can only be seen
By the I naked I
Inside of you.
It becomes who you are;
And I touch you by touching me,
Inside and outside all sides of you,
Naked and alone,
Together and alone;
We begin to share
The secret life that can’t be seen
By the naked eye.
I naked I feel you,
You naked I feel me
Deep inside of you,
Deep inside of me.
We share what can’t be seen
But now is seen,
Eye naked Eye;
And now you see,
In love with you
Is in love with me.
Look into the eyes of love
The eyes of love,
Loving themselves,
Loving yourself as I love me,
I love I;
Touching you touching me,
Me touch me,
We touching we,
We are one.
Yes, I can feel you,
And I know you can feel me;
Deep in my body,
Deep in my soul,
Deep in my emotions;
Emotions to emotions.
We are one,
Linked in the secret
We share.
It is who we are,
Who we have become,
A part of one another.
Even if we are apart,
We are a part of each other,
What we share and do not show,
Swept away, wave after wave;
True love Ecstasy,
I naked I.

Paolo Li Campisi

Copyright © Paolo Campisi, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved.