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I Gypsy I

Photo "I Gypsy I" Copyright © Paolo Campisi, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved

I Gypsy I

I Gypsy,
the spiral system,
I travel, the Gypsy, the lifestyle,
the roaming from place to place,
city to city, town to town, every day;
even more so, the evolution of modern Gypsy.
From Gypsy to I Gypsy, eyes now open, Gypsy I,
Keeper of the spiral system,
every movement, eye to spine;
A dance with every movement of skeletal and nervous system,
The dance of light, the gift of life, each step should be a celebration;
Body, spirit, soul, and mind,
The dance of Tai Chi, I Gypsy I;
Heads and tails of the same coin,
Gypsy the tail of I Gypsy I.
I Gypsy I is the tale of a life of travel and bags,
yet a tale of concepts
in a mind linked with infinite
technology, knowledge and dreams.
Life is the dream of I Gypsy I,
A dream live awake or asleep
In everything we think or do,
Submitted to the one,
I gypsy I the one
flies the Gypsy of I Gypsy I.
I am the wind,
I Am the wind;
I Gypsy I, the eye of I AM.
I am what I am, the man, the I Gypsy I of women and men,
Yet a son of the son of the eye of I AM.
The man belongs to the man
But the sprit and soul are now called of I AM;
Eye of I Gypsy I in the I of I AM,
Not just a Gypsy adrift in the wind.
I gypsy I, the wind, the eye of I Am.
I walk on the wind;
We are one in the wind.
I Gypsy I is a sun of the wind,
A son of the Sun,
A son of I AM.
Would you know me
If I passed by
One day on the street before your eyes?
Yet I have been there several times
In passing now and again on the street.
It is the reason I roam place to place,
city to city, town to town, every day,
Riding the wind before your eyes;
Eyes on the wind,
Eyes of I Gypsy I,
eyes of I Am.
It’s in the eyes,
The I Gypsy I in me.
The focus of the soul through the windows of the soul,
The spiral system dance of light
Of every moment day and night of my life
For all eternity,
The knight of light dancing on the wind, eye of I Am.
The wind is in me, I am the wind.
I Am walked on the water
so that I can dance on the wind.
Dance with me.

Paolo Li Campisi

Copyright © Paolo Campisi, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved.