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End of Innocence
Photo "End Of Innocence" Copyright © Paul Eugene Campise, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved

End of Innocence
For Ulysses

You close your eyes between a sigh,
‘Said you would not go to sleep.
Then again, you’re almost three.
I wonder if you could see me
as a tear ran from my eye;
Touched by the moment.
You could not overcome,
Though your heart was set upon
Seeing the day through;
Spending the day, me and you,
As I watched the twilight of innocence
Descend upon you;
For you see it won’t hold you back
Much longer,
Soon you will break free
from the innocence.
Followed by breaking
free from me.
I hope someday you’ll know
That it was not that long ago
That I saw innocence put you to sleep.
Sleep and peace,
Free from the world,
Free from the world of three;
Though some day we together will be
Touched by the innocence of a later child three.
You in him, I in thee
shall then again we see,
the ends of innocence.

Paolo Li Campise


Copyright © Paolo Campisi, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved.