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Photo Dreams
Photo "Dreams" Copyright © Paolo Campisi, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved

For Rosa

This morning I was snowed in.
I was trying to sleep late,
to sleep in.
You have been on my mind lately,
the last thoughts at night
when I'm laying in bed,
the first thoughts in the morning
when I am still half asleep.
This morning I've been laying here for hours,
thinking about you, dreaming in my mind,
what it would be like to be laying next to you,
holding you close to me,
your skin pressing against my skin,
the scent of your womanly passion,
the taste of your lips touching mine,
to hear your breathing building
while I am inside of you,
your hands gripping my hands,
your arms wrapped in my arms,
your legs pulling me closer to you,
being lovers
making love together,
our fluids flowing two into one.
To be your lover,
to touch your emotions,
and soul,
in the deepest
most personal
and intimate ways;

to feel you release yourself to your passion,
to feel the height of your release through mine,
as we come to rest together,
bodies moist,
heartbeats descending into peaceful,
moments of time,
at home for a time together.
As our liaison leaves my mind,
my fantasy lover,
I hope to see you in my dreams.
For I know that in time
I must forget these things.

Paolo Campisi

Copyright © Paolo Campisi, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved.