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The Son Shine, Publication  NEW Complete Package
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Campise Family From Sicily
Campise &  Bro  Shaving Parlor
Photo Above: P. J. Campisi 1999

* After the name of a poem, or a chapter, means photography is included on the page .More photography will be added to the remaining pages.

Authors Favorites

Photo Collection: "Meeting With Aliens" NEWEST PHOTOS *
Current Favorite Whispers *
End of Innocence NEW *
Remembering Peace *
Paper Windows *
Zi Shi
A Part Of The Passion *
Eye Of The Raven *
City Of Reprieve
On The Wind *
To Know My Peace *
Badinerie *
To Breathe The Earth *
The Language Of Our Souls *
To Give Your Heart Away *
The Flowers & The Bells Of Night *
Unstoned & The Flower Children *
Free Fall *
Red Room *
I Gypsy I  NEW *
I Naked I NEW *
The Olive Pitts NEW *
Quarter To Three  NEW *

Erotic Favorites
Dreams *
Of What We Never Knew *

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