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Away For A Day
Chantusse *
Liberum Arbitrium
Moment & Peace
Place No Tears In My Eyes
Ritual Of You
Steadily The Step *
The Bruiser *
The Flowers & The Bells Of Night *
The Heart Attending
The Other Side Of Me
The Revolution Is Here To Stay *
The Song Of Patronage
Transmigration *
Willing Liberates

Bao Influences


These poems were written between 1973 & 1976. They were greatly influence by the writing of my good friend Bao Radcliffe. Our collaboration of our non–traditional thinking was greatly influenced by the 70's culture with its psychedelic spirit. These poems were experiments in extreme thinking and avant-garde or emotional expressionism. There was little attempt to adhere to traditional style.

Bao Radcliffe

Photo Bao Radcliffe (Poet) 1973

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