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Photo A Part Of The Passion
Photo "A Part Of The Passion" Copyright © Paolo Campisi, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved

A Part of the Passion
To know what the raindrops know
as they reach down from the sky,
never needing your permission
to kiss your face
or run through your hair.
To know what the water knows
reaching out from your morning shower,
caressing your body,
melting away your tension,
soothing your anxiety,
like gentile loving hands
running over every inch of you.
To know what the steam from your shower knows,
the knowledge of your intimate scent
filling moist air,
sharing the moistness of your skin,
a part of the essence of your refreshed fragrance.
To know what the sheets and the pillows know,
sharing your loneliness and dreams,
holding the scent of the woman long after she's gone,
hosting your moments of passion, rest and intimacy,
holding you close, without reservations, frustration or anxiety.
To know what the wetness of your passion knows,
running from inside of you,
painting the ends of your thighs,
belonging to deepest most secret and tender
moments that are a part of you,
sharing what the woman longs to do,
open, close to the heart of you,
tasting the tenderness,
vulnerable needs,
longings and desires.
To know what the flowers know,
capturing the affections of your eyes,
to enchant you with their fragrance
for a short time, bringing  joy and beauty to your life.
In the season of your blooming, to know this season of your life,
to be a part of the passion of your love.
Polol Li Campisi

Copyright © Paolo Campisi, Sicilian Family Productions, All Rights Reserved.